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You could probably score a good deal on a 2011 GT500 right now. If you like the GT500 looks then its really a no brainer. I'm 50 years old and it was a bit much for me looks-wise, I'm not into the whole Shelby thing. I had a real 1970 Boss 302 many years ago so I kinda like the new one, different tastes. Still havent warmed up to the 2010-2011 rear end yet though, some angles it looks good, others you have to wonder what Ford was thinking

Most people overlook the quality difference for the power difference, a good tradeoff for most, but I bought the GT500 for a daily driver and it was pretty disappointing. The regular GT I have is really a fun car for the money, nice thing is you can personalize it and mod it in steps, but if you are paying someone to do those mods you will eat a lot of money in labor costs. Luckily I can do just about anything to a car so I dont pay any labor, except for engine machine shop labor anyhow. Good thing about the M3 is I'm too cheap to mod it, parts are just unreal for these and I'd hate to blow the warranty on a 70K car so I'll beat up the 2011 GT instead