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nothing wrong with a RS4 but this is the 3rd one I have seen with ~5K miles on that's selling for ~$60K, makes me wonder why so many people are un-loading them so soon.

If the FIRST OWNERS were like us waiting for the M3 and can't see me dropping it so soon unless there was a problem. I know gas price has shot up but don't really know if that would be an issue for people who can afford a $70K car in the first place.

IMO the old-design A4 body is looking quite dated, like a 6+ year old design while the 3-series looks more modern. I don't know what the 3-series will look like in 5 years when it's out of date but today the exterior of the RS4 does not match the M3 (IMO).

The interior of the RS4 is great tho and well worth the cost especially with the pre-owned discount. But if driving feel and performance is the main reason, the M3 is the car to buy and the price is worth it (IMO).