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Originally Posted by bkrM3 View Post
PenFed is the way to go:

My parents just used them to refinance a note on their Volvo. If Capital One can beat 1.74% I'll eat my hat.
I didn't even think about credit unions. I looked at how to join PenFed but I don't think I fall into any of their categories to join. But in doing the research I found info on MCT or what was of them. Apparently now they're education systems... Point is I joined and got approved for 2.24 rate (better than the 2.75 i was offered at CapOne). don't start paying until September and I get 200 bucks. Apparently the guy who helped me is also coming to my office with the loan docs- which I find hard to believe but whatever.

Sounds a little to good to be true so I'm going to wait on confirming their services. I do like the fact that I'm working with 1 guy rather than the 3 from CapOne.

Has anyone worked with the educations credit union?