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I have owned all 3. Still have E46 M3 supercharged and E92 M3 supercharged. The 335 E92 with sports package is a fantastic car and "I" feel more enjoyable and exhilarating in most ways over the E46. Hence, I would give the 335 a go. If you go E46, go coupe.

Originally Posted by EricEst1978 View Post
I have been toiling over a new car for a few weeks now and am facing a bit of a dilemma.

Given that I have never owned a BMW, I thought I'd consult the experts here in the hopes of gaining some new perspective/information.

Here goes.

My ceiling for this purchase is $35,000 out the door, and not a penny more. Ideally, I'd find something in the $25-30k range.

It seems as though I could probably find an 08' M3 with about 40-50k miles for around $35k. Presumably this type of vehicle would be out of warranty.

It seems like there is a decent number of e46 M3's to be had in the 50-60K mileage range for around 25k.

Lastly, there's an abundance of 335i's, many with some time remaining on the warranty for $25-30k.

I have been waffling like a politician on these 3 choices and an hoping some of you might be able to give me some food for though which will help me make this decision.

Thanks Millions!