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Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
Running over the blue/white curbing = good (using all the track)

Running over the red blocks = VERY BAD (bent wheel or worse)
I know your probably kidding a little, but even that first statement is a bit controversial, if taken to the extreme of doing it every corner, like the Ferrari driver seems to be doing (at least in the bit I watched). Most tracks have a few corners that you consistently want to hit the curbing a little (typically slower corners), but there's typically not a lot to be gained by trying to get those last few inches in every corner vs the risk of spinning if the curbing has dirt or is a little wet or has fluids dropped there (at least for HPDEs, racing is of course different), since it's a dramatically different friction coefficient vs the track. Then of course there's the risk of missing your target curbing point by a few inches and hitting the big curb or going two off.

I went back and rewatched some of the video to confirm my impression, and still think he's doing more than "using all the track". Regardless of whether he was taking it easy or whatever, his driving seems a little sloppy once he's behind you, but maybe that's just his driving style. I only point this out because these forums attract a fair share of new drivers, and it's easy to pick up that "use every inch of track" sentiment, then find they have no margin left when something goes wrong.
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