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Originally Posted by PINHEAD View Post
what food chain is this?
Brands that I consider actually top of the food chain consist only of Rays, BBS, Advan, OZ and Enkei. All of which makes certain wheels using "flow form forging". HRE is not even in any of those leagues of wheel manufactures.

HRE is good for a custom wheel brand, but its not even remotely in the same league as "REAL" wheel manufactures. I own a set of HREs, as well as Rays and BBS and Enkei, and its just not the same, good but not the same.
Of the brands you mentioned, I have owned BBS, Rays, OZ, and HRE, of course. The other brands make both cast as well as forged wheels and are top quality. HRE has had a huge boom in the past 6-7 years. This started with their forged monoblock line. What they do not have is the motorsports heritage of some of the others, but they are the real deal in terms of current product offerings for street use. They still have their "boutique" type of wheel, which is historically what they offered, but they now also offer much much more, and have really surpassed the others.

I say they are at the top of the wheel food chain for the following reasons:

1. forged construction
2. fully customizable fitment
3. phenomenal customer support
4. good product availability

Again, this is for street wheels and not for racing products.
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