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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
This isn't entirely true. The end game is shit. However, the leveling process was probably the best of any MMO to date. There was no grind stage, there was content all the way through. You may have opinions of the content, but at least it was there for the taking. The storyline was largely interesting the first time around.

The biggest flaw with the game was the engine the game was built on, but it was only an issue when in extremely competitive moments. Normal gameplay seemed ok. Ilum was a bust, but they were pretty open about that. The launch was also the smoothest of any game of that size in history. There was literally zero hiccups on launch day.

A side effect of the engine was the server pops. I've heard they are working on making fewer larger servers and that it may happen soonish like patch 1.3. But who knows.

Also, they needed to reconfigure a few of the logistics in the game. All of the flashpoint portals on the fleets should be turned into planetary shuttles. This would make it feel more like an actual hub. Then go into the world and give the flash points a physical departure location. This would have a side effect of increasing player activity in the world which would create world pvp and just overall make it feel less dead. As I said, the issue is end game. Well, the faction segregation didn't help either.

The game wasn't terrible, certainly better than most in my opinion. But not good enough it would seem. Not to mention it was almost damned from day 1 because of the ridiculous nature of Star Wars fans. Never has a group of people demanded so much, but knew so little about what they actually needed. And to say that Bioware didn't fix any issues is blind, they made many improvements. Maybe just not to the issue that you in particular thought was needed most.
Hows the game coming along? Any large improvements? Thinking about resubing