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Originally Posted by EK_335i View Post
Not sure why but I'm starting to think that bringing diesels to the US now is not going to be a big hit for consumers. Diesel is about $4.40 and premium is $3.90 around me. That is a .50 cents difference. Their is no way on earth a diesel is going to get greater then a .50 cents difference in MPG for me to switch to a diesel and if you are coming from a car that uses regular you are looking at a .70 cents difference. Diesel are not going to be a big hit in the US if this trend continues. I would not be surprised if this continues that car companies discontinue bringing diesel's to the US and focus more on electric/gas hybrids.
Agreed, not to mention that when everyone starts driving diesel the supply vs demand is going to change and at the end it's going to be pretty much the same price regardless of what it is you dive. Public transport and small cars and scooters is the answer. In this day and age if you drive a Hummer and don't live up in a mountains with no paved roads you are a jackass in my book... sorry.
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