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Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
And we can't get the 320d because???

Anyone have a definitive answer as to why the price of diesel has gone up so sharply? I understand that the low sulfur refining is more costly, but it still should be less than gas. The conspiracy theorist in me is thinking that BMW/VW/MB would sell a zillion diesels, whereas GM, Ford, etc. have been caught with their pants down. Again. So the petro distributors have to save their butts by making diesel costly.
Not sure why but I'm starting to think that bringing diesels to the US now is not going to be a big hit for consumers. Diesel is about $4.40 and premium is $3.90 around me. That is a .50 cents difference. Their is no way on earth a diesel is going to get greater then a .50 cents difference in MPG for me to switch to a diesel and if you are coming from a car that uses regular you are looking at a .70 cents difference. Diesel are not going to be a big hit in the US if this trend continues. I would not be surprised if this continues that car companies discontinue bringing diesel's to the US and focus more on electric/gas hybrids.
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