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Originally Posted by GTM_Challenge View Post
Most of the Dunlop Star Spec sizes are 200 UTQG, most of the Bridgestone RE11s are 180, and most of the Hankook RS3s are 140. UTQG doesn't really mean much when comparing between brands however. It was intended to be the case originally, but manufacturers have skewed the numbers.

I don't really consider they RS3s being innovative. They aren't good in wet. They don't last a long time. They are just fast. Fast in the autox, fast on the track. I hate the soft sidewalls they have. Most all of our customers that track their cars, get accelerated tire wear on the outside shoulder, even on cars that have dual wishbone suspensions with lots of camber. The compound is closer to an RComp than a true street tire.

Now, if they could make them Fast, Durable, with a stiff sidewall and good in the wet, we'd have a winner.

To date, the Star Spec and the Bridgestone RE11 win in the all around departments - fast, wet, good sideway, durable - in my opinion. Funny, cause the successors to both are being released next spring. Can't wait.
My talk about the UTOQ is based on usage by certain racing series.

I totally disagree, I've used both the star specs and the RS3s and the RS3s are FAR superior in the dry for grip AND wear. I JUST took of star specs on my E90 M3 and put on RS3s. It is a significant dry grip improvement from exiting the grid to coming off the track 30 minutes later. I think RS3s are good for 1-2 seconds a lap of the Z1s.

I could take a set of SSZ1s down to the wear bars in 3 weekends. I've gotten 50 session out of one set of RS3s and then 39 sessions on the next (lots of sliding on those). The Z1s get greasy when driven hard for about 15 minutes. They fall off but stay there and never get bad. The RS3s have only gotten greasy when they were on the last couple of sessions in 90+ degree heat being driven pretty hard.

Wet traction? The Z1s may have an advantage, especially when worn down. Cold traction below 50 degrees? Z1s have a significant advantage. The RS3s do need to some heat in them. The RS3s may be quieter to start with as well. Yeah, I do get more sidewall wear with the RS3s but they STILL last longer. Is it because the sidewall is soft or the increased grip?

I agree 100% on not being innovative. As I've said before, I Hankook copied something (RE-11 maybe?) and I think they got lucky this time around. Its like the movie multiplicity with Michael keep making copies, the copies get worse and worse. You WILL see this tire's massive weakness in wet, sub 50 degree conditions.

The RS3 is a tremendous dry, warm weather track tire. Here in TX, you could drive the Star Specs year round, street and track and give up some dry traction on the track.
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