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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
agreed. not to mention, the N54 is potent for a street engine (aside from the inexcusably systemic fuel pump failures), but that doesn't make it suitable for motorsport. there's more to an engine than what can be gleaned from a dyno sheet.
I can totally agree that the M3 has tons of heritage, it has been a dream car of mine ever since I got into cars. But some people need to stop being so closed minded about NA vs. FI. Not trying to say the M3 isn't an amazing car but there are plenty of FI cars with plenty of heritage too (Ferrari F40, Porsche GT2). Look at the GTR, rapes just about everything NA out there with more weight and 2 turbos. Saying that a turbo charged car isn't suitable for motorsport is a pretty biased thing to say, and in my opinion any car that is setup properly, regardless of engine characteristics, can be a great motorsport car.