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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
I just don't like these newer cars with no heritage or history being classified as M cars. M3 has been around for a long as time and has every accolade you can imagine to back it up. 1 series is new and was made to expand lower into the the market. There is no history to this car. No heritage and no respect as of now - at least from me.

One day, i may respect the 1M, whatever generation that will be, but as of now, I just see it as marketing gimmick. As i have stated before, should have been the 135iS...
agreed. not to mention, the N54 is potent for a street engine (aside from the inexcusably systemic fuel pump failures), but that doesn't make it suitable for motorsport. there's more to an engine than what can be gleaned from a dyno sheet.