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Kevin -

I wanted to share my Winslow experience w/you (picked my car up yesterday). I don't think they'd taken delivery of an M though military sales prior to me but they were fantastic! I'd visited Schomp (Denver) prior to deciding to have my car sent here and I'm so glad I went w/Winslow.

Winslow is a smaller dealership and treated me much better than Schomp...especially as a woman. Obviously a non-issue for you but I've walked away from a salesman/"perfect car" for talking to me stupid. I grew up w/cars, bikes, toys, mechanics, and know what I want in a vehicle. Schomp gave me the nudge-nudge, wink-wink as far as DCT vs 6MT.

I don't care what anyone else buys b/c everyone makes choices for different reasons and I appreciate that the crew at Winslow got it. are in for the ride of your life! This car has me smiling like it's my job