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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
I have removeD the entire fan and shroud assembly when working on the car. It is a tight fit with a little wiggling and tugging on hoses. I never thought about just removing the fan motor and blade assembly, but maybe that is easier. It looks like you still could not do everything from above since I see daylight to the floor. You can do it all from above with the entire fan assembly removed.
You do it the intelligent way, sadly I cannot because of the intercooler.

It is most definitely NOT easier (but not a nightmare) to remove the 3 Torx fasteners that retain the fan motor to the shroud. Unclipping the connector and getting the harness wires out of the wireway of the shroud is pretty easy though.

I removed the lower felt splash pan bits to drain the radiator. I like to disconnect the radiator hose for better access to the tensioner and the idler pulley. Plus, when I drop a tool, it usually falls all the way to the floor.
The pulley bearings are both dry and rattling, which is what I think is making the groaning noise.


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