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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
. But, with no such risk today,
Who said anything about having to fight such tyranny today? Just because there's no risk in Jan 2013 in the western world doesn't mean it'll never happen.

I guess a lot of the pro-gun people dont share my curiosity for that at all, for some reason.... The only time I would completely ignore looking over my own fence at what others might be doing, even to just try and learn from them, is if I became convinced that I enjoyed an exclusive monopoly on common sense.
Sadly, they've ALWAYS had less murder, even before they had gun laws, and our murder rate is falling while theirs is flat or rising, DESPITE relaxing concealed carry laws and the AWB lapse. Expand your curiosity a bit.

About 3/4 of gun homicide is gang related, and a lot of big European cities have much smaller gang proglems. If you're not in a gang your chance of getting shot is not much different than in Europe: Negligable.