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Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
No offense to you, but your comment regarding the lack of artistry in Japanese design philophy exposes your ethnocentric outlook/ignorance of Asian art and culture. You might want to google Japanese art/philosophy sometime or read up on Japan in Wikipedia.
I knew that my statement might be open to this interpretation. Not saying there isn't artistry in Japan or any other Asian country. There certainly is. Much more, infact, than in many parts of western civilization.

There was actually a docmentary online a while back (sorry, forget the link) on the design philosophy behind the GTR and this is where I got my view on the utilitarian nature of the design and the idea that when it comes to scientific, and/or functional mechanical devices, etc, artistric impression really isn't a major consideration in the culture. So my view on this didn't come from anyone except from the people who designed the GTR.

Anyway, we could go on and on here. Subjectivity is just that. It is a phenomenal car for its intended purpose. That's just not what I was looking for.
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