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Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
Your logical, data-driven comments are highly appreciated. All your points are subjective and what is shit to one person can be gold to the next. One thing I disagree with and I think majority of BMW owners will be on my side, and that is the GT-R has real cup holders instead of that crappy thing that stick out at the passenger's knee and cause drinks to spill if your passenger should be so careless and hit it with a drink in it. That is not good interior design. I took my 70 year-old mother for a ride in my GT-R and one comment she made was, "this car makes feel safer to go fast in than the BMW".
The GTR is quintessential Japanese it its design philosophy in that it is completely utilitarian, and not at all artistic. So, yes, I believe the cup holders work well. In fact, the entire car is completely masterful in its execution as an instrument for ultimate speed. It fails in the artistic execution of things. Most high-end cars give at least some thought to this.

For me, the subjective is just as important, if not more than the objective. I am not a pro race car driver so obtaining the fastest lap times on a given track is not even remotely important to me. I drive for the fun of it. That obviously includes a certain amount of absolute performance capability in a car (which the M3 does provide), but also, the looks, the feel, the sounds, aesthetically pleasing environment, comforts, etc.

My other life long hobby has been alpine skiing. I really couldn't care less about racing skiis, or which skiis have had the best success on the World Cup Circuit. I like to ski wide open bowls, trees, and powder and bumps. Sure I want a high level ski, but the fastest ski on the market just wouldn't suit the type of skiing that gives me the most enjoyment.

Still, for those who are hell bent on owning the biggest and baddest, the GTR certainly is up there. And when did this turn into another GTR thread anyway !!??
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