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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Finally a concrete effort to actually guess a reasonable weight! ... However, it is inaccurate/unfair to include only the weight savings, you must include the gains as well and I know there will be gains. They are likely to be brakes (I disagree with you on this one, this beast really needs larger brakes and rotors), the engine will prob. be a bit heavier than the 335i I-6 FI, chassis stiffening, underbody pan (it is rumored to have a complete underbody cover for aerodynamics), tires, wider driveshafts, bigger/heavier clutch and tranny, etc, etc. Add these to your list, brainstorm a bit more and tally it up. Heck we may even save a few pounds on thinner glass. (I know, I should do it, just feeling too lazy right now after the anticlimactic unveiling).
It is hard to estimate on these other things. The benefit of a high revving, lower torque engine is that you don't need the clutch and tranny to be much heavier (if at all). My understanding is that it is torque that stresses the powertrain components the most. The tires only go from 225/255 to 245/265s, so this does not add much. The 335i wheels and tires weight almost 60 lbs!

I agree the chassis stiffening will add weight (unless they pull a Z06 trick and use aluminum:rocks: ) and an underbody would also add some lbs. But taking out the power seats saves at least 20-30 lbs total.

If BMW was really conscious about weight during the M3's entire R&D process they could definitely have an E92 M3 weighing in at the same weight as the E46 M3. And with how much they talked about lightness in Geneva you gotta think this was a primary objective in its design.

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