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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Pau even got a post up in the last minute because of Nash!

I'm okay with Kobe calling for the ball at times, but hopefully Nash will be able to waive him off later on if he wants. Late in the 4th, Nash was about to do a p/r with dwight, when Kobe called for the ball. Kobe didn't score, but the next two possessions were pick and rolls with nash and dwight where they scored.

The only bad thing is the heavy minutes with Nash and Kobe. Maybe Jamison can get some minutes at PF with say morris, meeks and MWP so kobe can get some rest.
I never thought trading pau was a good idea, deep down I still think he could and should be an excellent fit for this team. But it just doesn't even seem like he cares at all anymore, he has the talent to make it work but if he is going to keep playing with his current attitude the best thing to do is trade him.