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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
You're wrong. Dinan shaves the bottom of the strut mount which moves the bump stop higher which allows for increased suspension travel vrs just using shorter springs and an unmodified strut mount.
Negative, you are also wrong and have not logically thought about how the suspension assembly works.

Think about what happens when you shave the strut mount.

Now..... how does the bump stop move higher when the retaining washer and the mounting of the top hat is the same on the shock shaft? - OMG... it doesn't!

So what does shaving the top hat do??!! - Well........As I said previously, it does not increase the suspension travel. The effect it would have is a lower ride height without losing travel.

Whoever came out with the idea and marketed to you guys that it "increase suspension travel" is a genius, he should go sell golden bridges to you guys.