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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
GC kit is $499.

Richard why wouldn't you want to adjust the camber each time you go to the track? That's what many of the guys I know do and it's no biggie, I have the same plans with my plates. At the track if you don't have the camber at exactly -3 degrees or whatever, what does it matter? The race shop guys tell me that they don't even run the same camber on both side of the car depending on the track. And when you're done and put the car back to the street setting do you really care if you can only get the camber to plus or minus 0.2 degrees? Yes, there will be changes in toe as well but I really wonder if this will have anything more than a minor effect on handling or steering feel or straight line tracking for that matter.
Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Is there anything obvious that would prevent me from shaving down the bottom? But I'll give them a call.

My M3 will be taking over dual duty as my E46 gets older and is eventually retired to street duty only. I have vorshlag plates on my 330 which go from about -3.7 for the track to about -1.7 for the street from max to min.

Not sure if I'll get the same optimal setup with the GC plates going from min to max but I don't see why I can't mark the plates for street and track settings.

I think I've seen as much as -2.5 with the dinan plates...not sure what the toe settings were. Its probably a little too much for the street and not enough for the where's the benefit? I just see the dinan plates causing more wear on the street while not significantly reducing wear on the shoulders of the tires. At that point, I'd just rather stay at the OEM settings and occasionally murder the outsides of my tires at the track.

I'm really leaning towards the GC plates so I can have 2 optimal settings for track or street use. This is not just for camber but also for an increase in toe out when going from min to max camber...and vice versa. I'm sure these plates will pay for themselves after about 3-4 weekends in increased tire life.
As long as you can make the procedure repeatable, it is perfectly fine to adjust for the track. But keep in mind that maxing out the camber may not always be the best for performance. During alignment you could mark your track setting for future use. Mark the camber plate with respect to a position on the strut tower (not just where the tick mark points on the camber plate).
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