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Cars I'm driving this weekend courtesy of exotic racing in Vegas

Mercedes SLS 63
Ferrari 458 Italia
Porsche 997 Turbo S

Yee Haw! I'm taking my go pro so I'll try and post videos when I get home next week.

Before I bought my 1 I drove quite a few cars.

2012 Camaro SS with optional RS PKG

Heavy, yes. Cheap looking interior, yes. Terrible visibility, yes. Expensive, yes.

All that said it was fun to drive. More planted and solid feeling than the Mustang. Great sounding exhaust and the available Hurst shifter was really good. It helped the salesman told me to get on it, hehe.

2012 Mustang 5.0

Quick, yes. Cheap Interior, yes. Great sounding, yes. Fun to drive, well not really.

The salesman's mistake was to have me drive over broken pavement and then tell me to get on it. Not a Mustang forte for sure, it danced around and felt disconnected from the road. Driving the Mustang was odd and something never felt right. I went to drive a Boss 302, but they wouldn't let me drive it so I'll never know what the difference is. Plus the Mustang seats suck.

2005 BMW M3 vert. and 2008 M3 vert

Hated the SMG, loved everything else. Reason I didn't buy either, wife wanted warranty. In retrospect probably a good choice since I am an enthusiastic driver and the likelihood of me breaking something is pretty good.