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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
Its the simple truth that street pads are not adequate for track days once you get your driving up to a reasonable level. A track day is an exercise in converting gasoline into brake dust - the faster you burn gas the harder your brakes work. It's really that simple.
Yeah man, if you are going to track the car in anything beyond a total newb level, swap out your pads to something decent. I used Pagid RS19's on my GT3 and they are fricken BOAT ANCHORS. They are an "endurance racing" pad and are made for the track. They work on the street but squeal like little piggies. In the GT3 I did not mind. In the M, I intend to swap them out the night before tracking, and then swap back to stock shortly after I get back from the track.

I would also recommend you go to at least a Super Blue brake fluid. Castrol SRF is kick ass, but is overkill for MOST HPDE participants.

EDIT: I just read your above post. You are not going to get a decent track pad that is quiet on the street. You have a few choices. Use stock pads and melt them, and hope you do not eat a tire wall or kill yourself, or, buy a set of dedicated track pads and swap them out for events, or run track pads all the time.

When I was a total newb to tracking many years ago, I did the first and nearly ate a wall at Laguna Seca because of brake fade. That ended my thinking that a stock pad was up to the task of track duty! I then went to the second scenario for many years and swapped pads out for events, and it worked great. Then, my lazy ass just ran track pads all the time on my GT3. They are not grabby, etc., just noisey as all hell when cold (street driving). Of all the pads I tried over the years, the Pagid RS19's are my favorites. The Cobalt pads I used on my 97 M3 are a close second.

My advice: Invest in a dedicated set of track pads. Use them only at the track. Swap before and after events. This is the best of both worlds as you have the best pad for the track, and the best pad for the street. Yeah, you may get your hands dirty.....wear latex gloves.
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