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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
Yes. I got a parts quote from BMW Canada for the factory track pads sourced from Europe. They were $1500 a set for both front and rear, so I got Pagid RS-19's instead for a bit more than half that price.
+1, flushed with better fluid (gold stuff) and changed to pagid rs19s. we had a rainy weekend at VIR, so they didn't get as hot as normal, but performed much better than prior 2 weekends using stock pads.

If you're running stock pads, try to take a 5-10 minute cool down lap around the padock when you come off the track, the pads / rotors cool enough so they don't get the bad vibs next time out. Three of us with '08 M3s experimented with various pre/post session rituals, and that was the best. After a week of normal driving, the rough stuff goes away and brakes are back to normal.
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