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Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
I am a 911 (997) owner and though you do not consider the M3 in the same league, the M3 does make you ask "do I really need a 911." That's what I love about this particular car and many cases and mine in particular, the answer is no. The M3 is in the same league but it challenges cars above and beyond it.
Agree the M3 isnt in the same league...even against a 997.2S is gets killed in every performance aspect and handling on or off the track and thats isnt getting into GTx cars which almost nothing can touch.

The M3 is great at being an all around car and yes it challenges cars above, but the 911 is the bar and challenges almost anything above it especially in the case of the 991S. Its running on track at or better than most supercar. Even the Mclaren wasnt a better driver's car in MT's Best Drivers car this year.