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Originally Posted by buildbright View Post
I love the A7 but I dont think the RS7 looks that much better. It shoud be fast as hell and the interior looks awesome. I hate the A6/A7 shifter ugly as hell.

But the S6 is not anywhere near the BMW M5. Its fast in a straight line but after seeing how slow it is on a race track it is dissapointing. Its less then 3 seconds slower at VIR then a 335i with Runflats! and is plagued with bad understeer. $80,000 no thank you, i also notice they are having a lot of engine problems and people selling them to buy the cheaper and better handling RS5.
Best big sedan on the market IMO is easily the Panamera Turbo/S...but you def have to pay a premium.

But i was referring more to this; says a lot when the m5 loses to an s6 AND an AMG.

and the fact that I dont care for the new M5. Didnt like the steering feel and other than being fast in a straight its a very uninspiring vehicle.