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My 10th BMW
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Years ago , I had parked one of my vintage BMW's way out away from everybody. I returned to find a big circle of shopping carts completely surrounding the car, like over 20 of them. Made me nervous at first , but then made me laugh when I got closer and saw no damage.
That was back in the days before cell phone cameras, but I would have loved to have a picture of that.

Recently, I returned to my M3 , to find a POS parked against my front bumper.
I was parallel parked in an end spot, and the POS was in the red.
I backed up the M3 a foot, and found pieces of chipped paint from the POS imbedded into the clear bra on my front bumper. I waited a while for them to return, and when they did not, I kindly scraped all the loose chipped paint from their bumper for them with a screwdriver.