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Yes. Sometimes I feel like I am in some sort of simulation, are these people real? A woman and I are both approaching the fresh herb section at Whole Foods at the same time, I smile and clearly let her go in front of me. Then she proceed to stand in front of every item, completely blocking my access, and spends at least a minute picking through things (decided she wanted the ninth version of an item so removed all eight in front of it multiple times) before walking away like I never existed. I had a minute to contemplate the situation and it stuck in my head. I wish I was so caught up in myself that I didn't see or care about anyone around me.

Though with the M3, there is some evidence of real curiosity. The forehead and finger imprints on my windows are not mine. I don't flatter myself, probably someone checking for visible Apple items.
get some tinted windows to solve that problem !

plus if someone does break in the glass sticks to the window film not making a mess all over your whole car... you can tell im from NY/NJ lol #tri-stateproblems haha