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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
Are you doing the upshifts or letting the car decide?

I'm interested in the revs. Wondering if that's what the car thinks is optimal.
I'm in manual mode always, even for street driving. I'm too much of a control freak to let the car shift itself. (So why not a standard manual transmission? I knew this car would see a significant amount of track time. While I can heel-toe, I'm not good enough at it at this point to trust myself to consistently bang off a couple of rifle-shot downshifts coming from 130+mph down to 60mph under threshold braking while approaching turn 1 on a typical road course.)

Anyway, the calibration of the RaceKeeper's interface with my car's ECU via the OBD II port appears to be slightly off. The car's tach indicates that I upshift anywhere from 7500 to about 8200 rpm. The RaceKeeper records these engine speeds as a few hundred rpm less. It's also apparent on the throttle calibration--when I'm flat to the floor, the RaceKeeper records that I'm at 75% throttle. I've spoken to the company about it. It's a known issue that they're evaluating. A hardwire connection straight to the car's ECU would probably be more accurate. At least the car's speed is accurate, because it's coming from the system's roof-mounted GPS antenna.