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Originally Posted by dtuckerbrown View Post
Thanks for the quick response. I'll call some of the dealerships in the Wiesbaden area, which is near a military installation.

I'm moving through a private employer to the area, so I will make the modifications. From what I've gathered in other threads, these are pretty easy:
- Amber turn signals
- New headlamp switch (to enable rear fog lights)
- Clear marker lights in front turn signals (is this as simple as changing the orange bulbs to clear bulbs?)

Are there any other mods that I will need to make?

Also, did you make these mods? Here or in Germany?

i'm a contractor on SOFA status so I am able to legally drive the car without changing it. With that being said, I have enabled the rear fog light just because its safer in dense fog we get here. all you have to do is cut the plastic tabs and the button functions. you can also buy the european switch if you want the little fog light symbol on the button itself. (still works on dash with the switch you have). the rear turn signals are easy change. I got the part numbers somewhere if you need them. I haven't done this, but had to look them up for a friend in US that wants to be different. Not so sure on the front little lights. If the manual shows how to change them, then probably no problem. If you are only in the country for 6 months or less then you can just leave the car as is. If longer, then you have to make the changes before you can register it. hopefully you don't have to pay the import tax and VAT or your company covers it. (Its 10% currently for import tax and 19% for VAT)

also, make sure you have NEW tires on the car when you ship it. Its better to play it real safe or they may not even let you leave the dock.

good luck! PM when you get here and I'll see you at the Nurburgring.

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