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Good morning everyone.. well good news bad news.. spoke to my accountant, he advised leasing vs. buying in my case..

so i guess i will just have to wait it out!

is anyone else looking to get into one of these that is pondering leasing?


Originally Posted by kgz View Post
Well .. to get a low APR (if at all) you probably will have to wait it out first (i.e. close to the end of the model year) unless you can find a leftover MY 2009 close to you specification.

On the 2010 you may not get 0.9% .. but let's say a conservative 2.9-3.9% (else I just don't see them moving such a car .. economy is still going to be in the tanks from a Job Market standpoint mid-2010). The only way you will come out ahead in a buy decision will be if you keep the car for close to 7 years. I also recommend you do European Delivery ( .. well .. you may not really "save" .. but hell ... running the //M on the autobahn and through the alps is worth it .. something you wouldn't have been able to do if you picked it up stateside on a good deal). I've seen people negotiate close to 250-500 over ED INVOICE which is a good $3K-3.5K lower than US INVOICE.

My best guess is (no exact math here) .. after 6-7 years (approx. 2 lease terms) .. if you subtract the residual value of the car (calculated from US MSRP) from the cost you bought it at (ED INVOCE & change) and divide it by the number of months you owned it .. you'd be pretty close to around 775-800-ish (including tax) for the sedan I would say around 850-875 for the 'vert. Of course .. if you can write off the depreciation into a business to yield a tax saving .. more power to you. You'll be way ahead on any lease deal on this forum (with an European vacation to boot).

To maximize resale though (at least through my calculation) .. you may have to go with a sedan/DCT (most practical and versatile) with conservative colors (i.e no reds/bright blue) and a loaded car (with all comforts). Not that you have to .. but something to consider.

Bottom line .. you're gonna have to live with this thing for a while (not a bad thing if you ask me). With the way BMW is heading with turbo-charged power plants, run flats, automatic transmissions (in //Ms), SUVs, etc .. (not that it's a "bad" thing per say) .. but I don't think living with a free-revving V8 and DCT is a "punishment" per say .. lol .