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Originally Posted by kgz View Post
Just buy the damn thing .. at least that's what I'm planning to do .. I'll get a tax write off for the depreciation (if you own a business) and keep it for while on top of that. Take advantage of (end of model year) low financing rates and do European delivery and it'll be close to an approx. $700-$800 2-term lease. Then sell it if you want.

.. you'll be in the car for about 6-7 years to amortize the cost over a longer period of time .. but hey .. I'd live with this car for a decade if I had to and enjoy every moment of it.

Another thing .. those leases on a steal were ALL 6MT (no DCTs) ! I knew about them and could have taken one but wifey said .. "sorry baby .. too much money if I can't drive it hunny" .. so much fr that.

Don't whine and worry about what someone else got .. live life fr yourself.
thank you kqz.. i have always leased.. but i will consider financing with this one.. you are right about all of the steals being 6MT, thats what i am finding out there, and i need DCT for the wife as well, i am coming out of a 6MT now..

so have you priced the financing? are you getting 700-800 for a well optioned E93? is that for 60 mos?

another question.. if you buy this thing vs. leasing.. do you think after a few years there will be some equity in the car? i am always under the assumption that you are upside down?

thanks in advance..

ur right about living for yourself..