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M3 Winter Tire Pressure for Dunlop Sport 3D 18's

I searched and can't find the answer other than a non-openable excel spreadsheet.

I have a 2011 E90 M3 and have the staggered Sport A7 Wheels with the Dunlop Sport 3D tires. This is the 235/40 R18 and 255/40 R18 setup.

I would like to know what the best tire pressure would be for this wheel tire combination. I made the mistable on my 2007 E90 to use the recommended pressure for 17" M&S with my 17" Blizzaks and in the end my rear tires wore out down the center of the tire signifcantly more than the inside or outside edges make overall traction crappy. Therefore, I do not plan to follow the recommendations for 18" tires in the BMW literature.

At present, I have them inflated to 34 psi rear and 32 psi front. I took measurements of each tire with a digital tread depth gauge at the outer, center, and inner treads for each tire and was going to monitor, but if someone else already did the homework to find the proper pressure for correct tire wear and good traction, please post it up.
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