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Originally Posted by chois2 View Post
Have 3 ecobees set up in my home. No complaints here. Remote sensors work exactly as they should.

I probably would be happy with Nest too, but to me, the main selling point of the ecobee was the remote sensors. Think about this. Where is your thermostat located? Is it in an area that can get accurate temperature measurements? For example, is it in the hallway or large open area? Is there a duct close by or a baseboard heater right below? All of these will give you a false reading and make your living or sleeping area too hot or cold. The remote sensor allows you to disable the main thermostat sensor and just use the remote sensor or multiple sensors to obtain an average.
I didn't expect an entire thread about this. I was simply replying to someone, on another thread. Lol.

As stated, all sensors are in appropriate locations.

Not that big of a deal, I'll just trash them and go back to the Nest or Honeywell.

Was the sensors that sold me on the Ecobee plus it being integrated with Siri, which the Nest is not.