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Originally Posted by kawasaki00 View Post
Sorry but you have no clue what you are talking about. I don't even know where to begin so I will just skip this one.
OK, now that I read it...I have to agree. And since this has nothing to do with oil, I feel more comfortable commenting.

Smiley, you presented your credentials and premise of this article based on being a chemical engineer, but your premise and entire discussion concerns mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics (if that's the right terminology here).

This is a case where you really need to see how the engine works before starting a thread like this. A timing belt drives the cams and usually only exists on small 4-banger engines. A timing CHAIN drives the cams, but is much stronger than a timing belt. A timing belt is hung outside the block, and timing chain is hung inside it.

I've seen oil pumps driven directly from intermediate shafts, shafts driven from other gears, and chains driven directly from the nose of the crank. But I've never seen one driven from a timing belt or timing chain (I'm not saying they don't exist). When you say this is necessary because the oil pump can't handle all of the engine's power, I've got to be honest that I don't even know what that means. If you're saying the oil pump needs a gear reduction to operate at the proper speed, well maybe it does. That's normal.

I've been involved in many of these bearing discussions and I don't recall any of them turning into the premise you posed in this article. I'm not saying that it hasn't come up, but I don't remember any such discussion before. I do remember one side saying 10W60 is too thick and advocating 0W40. The other said says 0W40 is too thin and will reduce oil pressure across the bearings. That's when the pro 0W40 side counters by bringing up a positive displacement pump and saying that it's not possible. But I've never seen anybody talk about flow rates with different viscosities being the reason not to switch oils. Translation: the premise of this thread isn't what the discussion has even been about.