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Originally Posted by Smiley913 View Post
I would like to talk about is conservation of mass. Matter cannot be create or destroyed blah blah blah. So if 5 gallons of oil goes in 5 gallons of oil must come out. If more oil is coming out of the smaller bearing clearance, that means less oil in coming out of other place in order to satisfy the conservation of mass law. Fluid takes the path of least resistance. Meaning under the same pressure, you can get more flow through a larger diameter pipe compared to a smaller diameter pipe. In order for more fluid to come out of the bearings, other oil path must reduce flow rate. Therefore, in order for more oil to come out of the bearing the restriction of other path must increased. That's like saying because I used thinner oil, other oil path pipe diameter became smaller.

Like I said I am not an automotive engineer and would love to have input on anything I miss.
The one thing I'll add is that 0W40 warms up faster than 10W60. It's argued that most of the bearing wear is when the oil is cold, so the faster the warm up, the better.

And on that note, I'm turning into a spectator from here on out.
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