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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
The difference between the two is that generally speaking Catholics don't try to bamboozle you into joining their cult. They could really give a crap if you go to hell or not as long as they can confess their sins...

I've yet to see a Catholic standing on the street corner thumping a bible saying "join now and be saved".

Catholics definitely worship Christ though. He is part of the trifecta of holiness -the father the son and the holy spirit.

As far as Mary goes, she's birthed the son of God. Don't you think that warrants a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T ?
Catholics believe in the Trinity, as do I. However, I would never pray to Mary or the saints. I would not look to the pope as infallible. I would never have a crucifix or a statue of any saints.

Personally I get along with Catholics just fine. Sometimes I think a little ritual would be a good thing, though rituals are nearly nonexistent in most of the churches where I have been (other than Catholic). I have friends who are Catholic. I respect their religion and they respect my faith.

Much good has come from Catholic missions and institutions.

I've never know a Christian who has stood on the street corner thumping a Bible, or holding a sign. It might do some good somewhere to use that approach, but probably not in the U.S.A.