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Scottwww forensic profile:

He believes literally in bible when it suites him. When it doesn’t he uses a different interpretation and word allegorical, and all is good.

He is between 5 and 95 years old, red-haired and bolding.

He wants the whole world to convert to his view of how Universe works. He’s got no evidence except a single book.

He would not vote for a candidate that’s not a Christian fundamentalist.

He supports the notion that all infected with AIDS should be denied civil rights. (see Constitution party)

He feels morally superior because he goes to church and prays. He thinks of this as a good religious investment.

He used to be a wild child that experimented sexually and with drugs, and was born again.

He has a $500 bible that he carries to church as a prestige tool.

He wears a golden bracelet on his right arm. He reeks of cologne.

He likes to impress friends at dinner with bible quotes. It makes him look devoted and philosophical.

He is disgusted with pornography, yet as the urge grows, he helps himself and prays to JC for forgiveness.

Of course, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. Maybe he doesn't have red hair.
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