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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
Filled with Cultish rituals?

Like burning palms and rubbing the ashes on your forehead on Palm Sunday?

Like drinking wine spiritually converted to the blood of Jesus?

Like eating bread spiritually converted to the body of Christ?

Like using water to spiritually cleanse one's soul?

Like burying the dead?

Like burning candles and inscense?

Like priests wearing robes and stoles?

Like channelling the power of the Lord into a blessing?

Like praying to a statue, or a figure of a man nailed to a cross?

Anything like that?
Burning palms & placing ashes on forehead - catholicism not Christian, just as a remembrance of Palm Sunday when Jesus came into Jerusalem. It's a symbol, but Christians do not do this

Wine & wafers are symbolic of the flesh & blood of Christ - the Bible says "do this in remembrance of Me"

?? We do not use water to cleanse ones soul; the only water we use is in baptizing; the Bible tells us once we have made a public profession of faith, to be baptized (immersed in water) as a symbol of dying from the old flesh & putting on the new flesh as a Christian; its a public acknowledgment; Christ thought it important enough to be baptized by John the Baptist and stressed its importance to those around Him

Even agnostics and atheists bury their dead....that's a health issue; the funeral is for the living, not the dead

Christians do not burn candles or incense that I'm aware of - catholics do

Pastors do not wear robes, stoles or shawls ???

Channeling power ???? don't understand that one; God blesses us everyday without prayer

We don't prayer to a statue; our Christian cross is empty; He has risen and no longer hangs upon that cross in Christian churches...We pray to no statue, or to Mary, or to Saints or angels, only to almight God/and Jesus...