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iTrader: (0) stop taping your front bumper because it looks like tan lines when you take it off.
...people look at you funny when you tell them you're happy the last set of tires lasted 8k. paint your calipers for temp indication. wonder why this pig didn't come with brake ducts
...there is more brake pad material left on the car/wheels than the pads
...3/32nds of tread on a tire is not dangerous, it's the sweet spot go around the roundabout that extra time, just because nobody is around start giving driving tips to your s/o (never a good idea)
...the collection of tires have to sit in climate control so they don't harden
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My dog swallowed my FOB. Luckily it was Comfort Access so I could still drive the car. Of course I had to take him with me everywhere and every time he rolled over the windows went down.