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Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
The heavier weights are actually by design.

It's not an accident or an oversight by HRE...

I got a chance to speak with the lead engineer for HRE earlier this year.

HRE's philosophy is to leave a little more material on their monoblock forged wheel designs, to increase their durability over time. The additional weight is mearly a by-product of this philosophy.

HRE's #1 priority is to increase the durability their wheel products. They wanted to reduce the chances of a bent rim by one of their customers, so they have adopted a mindset that is similar to how OEM manufacturers build their wheels.

More material in key areas = an increase the overall durability of the wheel product.

So the additional weight does serve a purpose.

Welcome back! Great insight as usual.

I read somewhere that HRE actually increased the weight of the B40 and M40 (P40's for BMW and Mercedes) compared to the original P40 wheel (Porsche) Their reasoning was that the average BMW and Mercedes driver is less aware of potholes, etc..than the average Porsche driver, and therefore more likely to bend their wheel.