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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
it wont be as fast, wont be as fast on the track, wont cost much less and prob wont be as exciting to drive as a GT3 either.
How do you figure the "fast" part? Ring time of 7:40 seems to be quite competitive.

If you look at the E46 CSL, despite the fact that it was quite exciting to drive and similarly fast on track with the GT3 of the time (7:52 Ring time if I recall correctly), they had trouble selling it at that price level. They correctly concluded that no matter how nice the car was, only so many people were prepared to pay that much money for a sedan derivative.

But it mostly had to do with the image, not the performance of the car itself. Image is everything in that price category.

BMW will only be able to sell a E100k performance car if they make a bespoke model/line, that has absolutely nothing in common with a 320d Coupe. (Not even the general layout/shape, as the current M3 does).