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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Swamp is a fanboy who believe the sun shines out of an M3's exhaust pipes. You clearly haven't driven an old E30 M3 compared to the more recent versions, if you had then you would understand where my comments where coming from. Another fanboy comment is the total disregard for Forced Induction because M cars aren't built that way, N/A engine are great but I personally don't believe that they are any better than some of the best Turbo powered units currently in production. Engines like the RS6 are miles ahead of the V10 in the M5/6 for many reasons.

Again you don't understand or want to understand what happens to either the IS-F, C63 or the RS4 compared to their lessen models. Quattro build they versions from the ground up and I doubt Lexus or AMG are any different, all three models follow a totally different path to the normal cars and aren't even built in the same production plants.

I respect what M-Division do to their models but I don't believe they are much different to any of the others and the M3 engine isn't any more special than the RS4 engine, the C63 engine or the IS-F, it's only different in it's approach and execution.
Thanks for your OPINION. You have yours and I have mine.......and you clearly have no idea what I have or haven't driven, that much is VERY clear. According to your comment about the 911 Turbo, why would anyone want a GT3 over a 996 or 997 TT, or 996 GT2.

"'s not about the money and not about the brand of the car, it's about handling,performance and passion......And that, no other car has all together like an M3........when you talk about the most complete car the M is invincible." --Tony Kanaan.