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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
I think bmw should have left its M division to have reign on the M3 and produce a one-off engine with all performance based, just like the V12.
The 760i has an extremely high selling price which means an extremely high margin. The per vehicle revenue is partly what allows for the vehicle to carry the exclusive engine. There is also an established market segment for this type of vehicle based solely around the notion of a 12 cylinder engine as the genesis for the products' existence.

Secondly, consider that a turbocharged V8 for large M vehicles and a turbocharged I6 for medium sized M vehicles means that the overlap with series engines were obvious and ripe for exploitation. Sure M could have been given free reign to build their own I6 turbo from the ground up. Would you pay more for such an engine just to have no parts shared with an N55, even when no tangible benefits result?
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