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If bmw can offer a v12 than why not dedicated M engine?

So the biggest arguement I hear anyway is the fact that both emissions and the cost of design to design an engine like the s85/s65 since there is no scalability due to the engines being only in one model car. This makes perfect sense of course until I read some info about the 760LI with a 6 litre V12 with twin turbos. Forgot the exact number but it is an extremely low selling vehicle-lowest by far out of all of them, yet bmw takes the time and energy to create a one-off v12 for one car? It has horrible mileage, gas guzler and it actually only has 530hp which is super disappointing for a 6 litre twin turbo v12.

The only thing I can think of is that they build engines for bentley (or rolls? )one of the two with that same engine. However I read about taht and the engine in the bentley is stroked out by .6 litres so again its ecomony of scale is limited as that engine takes a bunch of specific tuning and research.

Basically why would bmw build a technolgically advanced v12 for a single model which is the lowest selling model of the fleet?

I think bmw should have left its M division to have reign on the M3 and produce a one-off engine with all performance based, just like the V12. It has the worst mileage out of the fleet as well. The buyers however are much more in number so they could atleast make some profit but even more importantly, think how much the m3 could stand out in terms of reviews, car tests etc which would build up the bmw brand as a whole.

I agree the direction of the m5, 6, x etc. They are more of a cruiser and never meant to be a true performance race car like the m3.