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Originally Posted by edever View Post
That sounds more like hyperbole than anything; could you enumerate those real quality measures?
Pick your poison, JD power initial defects, long term defects, reliability. Or any other such entity that looks at these things if you prefer. It makes no difference as you will see it wherever you go. BMW has fallen behind Ford and others in terms of quality, fact, not hyperbole.

Here is a cut and paste since you seem to want to be spoon fed, notice Ford at number 5 compared to BMW at 16 where it sits lower than Hyundai or even Chevrolet. Notice outside of the stunningly bad Land Rover there is no lower rated luxury brand manufactured in any country? MB, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac, Lincoln, Infiniti, all higher rated. Again you will see this pretty much everywhere you go looking at any real measure of quality. Do the research yourself and see what you think then. I like my M3 a great deal but I'm not going to pretend its the best thing since deep dish pizza just because its a BMW.

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