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here was my boss 302

and I would have no issues beating up on any m car on the track, but the problem was that this car would beat you up on the streets as the above poster mentioned. The ride was soft but the transitions were poor and the rear end would always have you on edge, although I never had an issue, I was never at ease. Imagine about 2 or 3 more bump/weight transitions than needed. This was cuased by the panhard bar setup that was designed to move the axle from left to right when compressing, but you could get a watts link setup if you wantd to fix that. BTW this was the most neutral car I had ever been in on the track. With 500 miles on the odometer and with just 3 laps on the car my buddy bested a 1:27 at streets of willow with a lot more left in it.

Considering the gt500 is getting the full boss suspension treatment and some, this thing is going to be in the low 7:40 range on the nurburgring. Quite simply bmw has nothing that will touch this in the performance category, I don't even think the new m3 will come close to it. Hell I even think the boss 302 is faster than my v10 m6 i traded in for. but as many have mentioned before there;s more to a car than just numbers. My boss sat in my garage until trackdays bc I had no desire to drive it on the streets, but man what a beast on the track

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