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European Radio Issue

In December, I took delivery on my M3 at Welt. Despite the correct paperwork (and price), BMW messed up and treated my diplomatic deliery as a European Delivery.

So despite the fact that they could and should hae coded the car for Europe, they coded it for Canada.

I can deal with the side marker amber lights being on, and not having rear fogs (the latter I will fix locally) but the radio is a safety issue. Italy and Switzerland have really long tunnels and there have been some horrific fires. So now you are required to tune into specific FM radio broadcasts which will advise of an evacuation. Unfortunately, in Europe FM boradcasts on both even and odd decimals (eg 97.0). BMW could not find a way to resolve this.

Mike did! At the same time he adjusted angel eyes brightness, added traffic information, put Auto Start Stop on remember last setting, upshift notification, instant fuel economy, disable iDrive accept message, etc.

We did it remotely of course. Apart from the 9 hour time zone difference and an airport express base station hanging off my balcony things went smoothly.

Mike is great to deal with and seems to have a better understanding of what can be accompished than BMW.
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