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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
the point of my original post wasnt to proclaim BioShock as this godsend of an FPSs which finally provided some relief from the traditional. it was, however, intended to act as a sort of "fuck you" for saying

you make it sound as if console games dont sufficiently appease your high gaming standards and honestly i guess i took offense to that for whatever reason
umm maybe you should ACTUALLY PLAY IT on pc before you get a bug up your ass, they screwed a LOT of things up on the port (thats what its called when you move a game from one platform to the other), ESPECIALLY the algorithms and setting for the mouse

for one thing if you play in widescreen the use the same sensitivity without having it adjust, what your left with is a heavy horizontal sensitivvity with lower verticle, i dont think i should have to tell you what that meens in an FPS

additionally the menu sensitivity does not scale the same as gameplay sensitivity, so what your left at @ playable game sensitivity is a menu where you have to move your mouse 10 feet across the table in order to move an inch, now this is partly because i have a super sensitive gaming mouse and have to play with game sensitivity at a minimum, but it should still have been prepared for

and finally there is a heavy conflict between windows mouse acceleration, driver mouse acceleration and game mouse acceleration, it seems 2 out of three of these are acting in the game which makes for VERY rough movement, again in an fps this is a death blow

sooo :finger:

im sorry that my "high gaming standards" were not met and i shared it, how horrible