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Originally Posted by 533ogetnom View Post
bioshock sucks, but i guess its what i should have expected from a console game

it consists of, run around, kill one or two guy in your way, trigger an event and be forced to kill a wave of guys, rinse and repeat

the only thing its good for is the environmental graphics which are stunning, but game play is a 2/10
actually the designers and producers of BioShock tried specifically to break out of "traditional" FPSs. the AI is some of the best ive seen yet for any game, be it console or pc. rather then the cliche, linear story of most FPSs; BioShock leaves the ending/story up to the player. the player has complete control over how the story progresses which makes for a completely new form of gameplay. this new take on gameplay and storyline, paired with amazing graphics is why BioShock doesnt "suck". it just sounds to me like your one of those pc gamers predisposed to your gaming platform and if youre basing your judgment on the demo alone, which you very well could be, then you should take more time and play the actual game.
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